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Build and maintain a reputation for thought leadership in the digital consulting space. This would include building deep knowledge of the digital assets and being a contact point in the region for expert advice on these assets.

Extend and fit the current Intelligent Digital Platform to the market opportunity. Leverage expertise with web delivery technologies and applications to deliver a flexible and cost effective solution to manage on-line content delivery and e-marketing capabilities.
Extend current AI propositions to provide more holistic technical approach to cross channel optimisation by leveraging one-to-one communication of the web site to capture interest and link to broader relationship management and direct response campaigns.
Provide leadership to technical staff in linking marketing best practice with requisite technical delivery methods.
Be knowledgeable and passionate about digital and ecommerce technologies and trends such (eg Web 2.0,  Flex, Flash, Websphere, AJAX and Silverlight etc) and have a point of view on the role these technologies can play in a digital solution based on the relevance and value they bring to our clients business
Be able to design web architectures to meet our clients digital channel needs. To be able think through, critically analyze and communicate different options for these digital architectures based on client buyer values such as cost, delivery timeframe, impact to existing systems etc.
Be knowledgeable and have a point of view on the key software and hardware providers in the digital technology space, and be able to collaborate with these players to devise client solutions.
Play a lead role in responding to client RFPs in the digital space, typically in the area of design, build and run of client web portals.  This would include developing sales and marketing presentations, securing client meetings, delivering our 'pitch' in the digital technology space, understanding client's pain points, tailoring our solutions to meet these pain points and driving for closure of a consulting arrangement.
Deliver, and supervise the delivery of digital consulting services. This would include execution of digital consulting services through management of a team of consultants and the leveraging of our Interactive digital assets and broader Systems Integration and technology. In some cases this may involve delivering, or supervising the delivery of a digital component of a larger marketing or business transformation project run by Accenture Interactive or another area of Accenture. In some cases this may involve supervising the delivery of consulting projects that include analysis of non-digital marketing investments (ie traditional marketing investments).
Build and maintain a working knowledge of Accenture broader assets. This would include developing a broad understanding for AI assets in the marketing mix modeling space (strategic prioritization, marketing mix, campaign optimization), media space (agency selection, media auditing) and retail space (space assortment). This will be important for understanding how our digital assets fit into the broader marketing analytics bundle.
Develop and leverage relationships with internal AI leadership and broader Accenture stakeholders in the Systems Integration field to create an impact for our digital consulting offerings.
8-12 years experience working in the digital / web space
Experience winning and delivering web portal design build and run projects
Experience managing a team of technologists
Experience working for, or closely with digital technology vendors
Degree in IT or Engineering

Professional Skill Requirements
Solid financial acumen and financial analysis and diagnosis skills.
Very strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
Adept at using experience and knowledge of industry, geographic and technology trends to assess and shape business solutions.
Effective leadership and management skills with a proven ability to mobilise and energize project teams to deliver results.
Strong executive level relationship building skills.
Ability to create and deliver high-impact communications to senior audiences (written and oral) and facilitate complex discussions.
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